PT. Tirta Investama Tbk – Danone AQUA


Sejarah Perusahaan Minuman Aqua

Part I


The concept of “Change Management” is a familiar one in most businesses today. But, how those businesses can manage the change and how successful they are at it, it depending on the nature of the business, the change, the people involved and also how far the people within it understand the change process. Change management refers to the process of continuous improvement, where organizational development is totally based on individual development. Being aware of the present situations and continuously reviewing them for the betterment of people (which includes employees, employers, clients, customers and also their families). Change management’s goal is to maximize an organization’s benefits and minimize the change impact on workers and avoid distractions. Modern companies are in a state of cultural change, we know that business landscape of the 21st century is characterized by rapid change due to technological, economical, political and social change.

Change must be realistic, achievable and measureable. Good change management is always accompanied with a good and structured support process that assures people that when people have difficulty in adapting to a new reality that they never be alone. Change management depends on trust and honesty. If we want to manage change, we need to ask the following question: what do we want to achieve with this change, why and how will we know that the change has been achieved? What needs to be change? How should this change happen? How can the change be sustained? Who is affected by this change and how will they react to it? How much of this change can we achieve ourselves and what parts if the change do we need help with? These aspects also relate strongly to the management of personal as well as organizational change. But, not everyone welcomes change; take the time to understand the people we are dealing with, and how and why they feel like they do, before we take action.

In this paper, the writer will discussed about changing management in Danone-AQUA company. We know that AQUA is one the Indonesian biggest bottled water manufacturer company. They have received many national and international appreciation of their good work. That’s why AQUA has a strong brand power in the market. So, in this paper the writer want to focus discussed more deeply about the change management that happened in the Danone-AQUA company. The writer hopes this paper provides useful information, give benefits and increase knowledge for all of us.

1.1      Understanding of Change Management

Change happens all around us, all the time. We cannot stop change. So, what is the change management? In truth, we can’t manage change, but we can only respond it. To define change, we could say that it is the process of moving from the currents state to a vision of the future. To define Change Management is a systematic approach to dealing with change from a current state to a desired future state, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level, which together are used to manage the people side to change. There are three aspects in change management, which are: adapting to change, controlling the change and effecting the change.

Change management has typically been defined as a process involving unfreezing, moving and refreezing values, practices and procedures within organization. (Mildred Golden Pryor, 2008) We are unfreezing the old state and refreezing the new state so that it becomes established. (Baekdal, 2006)


Unfreezing is a start phase to motivate us and create understanding for the process as a whole. Unfreezing is to identify what and why we need to be change. Unfreez phase refers to the creation of a perceived the difference between the existing and ideal state of an organization that generates a desire for change. Usually we analyze first the cost and benefit, then we must ensure to concentrate on the new and make a plan. Moving is an action phase where we solving the project. Usually moving is defined as the process of change. Move phase refers to the various processes such as training, education and restructuring that lead to the development of new behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. Refrezzing is an end phase when we finishing the job. Refreez phase is reestablishing a new state of policy and activities within the organization by stabilizing the new pattern through a variety of support mechanism. (, 1999)

1.2      Change Process

Change usually involves three aspects; people, processes and culture as shown in the following figure:

unduhan (4)

Often, the emphasis is upon the processes. However, in order to properly embed a change, a manager needs to balance all three of these aspects, because as an integrated, complementary and synergistic system when implementing a process improvement program. Culture represents the way of life of group of people, it is socially transmitted knowledge and behavioral pattern shared by a group of people and is a complex system composed of learned behavior, ideas, norms, symbols and values that human beings acquire to become members of a society. The culture of a business is “the way we do things here”. Each business has its own set of paradigms, such as: assumptions, concepts, values and practices. If we are responsible for managing change in our business, we need to be aware of the culture so that we can work in a way that is acceptable to those involved. The paradigms that exist may be a source of resistance to change.

When organizations forget about people, the people generally become less committed to the organization. If people do not have management commitment, then management does not get people commitment. For process change to be successful, an organization’s most important asset must be “committed” to process change because “people are the process”. Since “people are the process” then organizations must recognize that people will be emotional about the process. They must take the time to understand the current process and also communicate to the people in the process that their views, suggestions and opinions are important. Understanding the current processes helps us understand and analyze why things aren’t working so we don’t make those same mistakes when we redesign or design new processes

1.3      Change Management in Organization

Successful adaption to change is as crucial within an organization. The more effective we deal with change, the more likely you are to thrive. Adaptation might involve establishing a structured methodology for responding to changes in the business environment (such as a fluctuation in the economy, or a threat from a competitor) or establishing coping mechanisms for responding to changes in the workplace (such as new policies, or technologies).

An organizational process is aimed to help the employees to accept and embrace changes in their business environment. For organizational change that entails new actions, objectives and processes for a group or team of people to achieve understanding, involvement, plans, measurable aims, actions and commitment. The change plan should focus on the benefits of the new system compared to the old, and should include discussions aimed at understanding and dealing with staff resistance to change. If the staffs demonstrate strong resistance to change, the organization should be told them or maybe give sanction because you have the authority and also build a new circumstances or organization from the old one to the new one atmosphere. (Jansson, 2009)

For an organization, change management means defining and implementing strategies, structures, procedures and technologies or any other policies of an enterprise to deal with changes in business environment and to profit from changing opportunities. When we overcome that challenge, then we can start comparing what’s happening with what the organization sets out to do, such as: their mission, values, goals, priorities, targets, key performance indicators, processes and measures; how the people feel about things, like: staff turnover, retention, morale and attitudes; and how customers and suppliers feel about things too (actually go out and visit customers and also ex-customers particularly).

Part II


2.1   The History of AQUA company

AQUA is a brand of drinking water produced by AQUA Golden Mississippi on February 23, 1973 by Tirto Utomo, a native of Wonosobo as the pioneer the existence of bottled mineral water industry in Indonesia. (Alfi, 2012) Moreover, on August 1973, the company developed its first factory that located in Bekasi, West Java. Tirto made a large contribution for the development of a business drinking water in Indonesia; he managed to instill the values and views of drinking water business in Indonesia. Since then, the people of Indonesia began to change fundamentally one of his habits to get used to eating with drinking water, buy water.

The company started to sell its first product of AQUA which was packed in glass bottled of 950ml with a selling price Rp.75, almost double the price of gasoline which was then worth Rp.46 to 1,000 ml. And  also, the company has experienced the difficulty to sell its product since at that time, many people still did not familiar with drinking water product which is packed in the glass bottle.

The sales of AQUA were steadily rose and the brand was steadily known by local people. Then in 1998, a strategic alliance occurred between AQUA Group (with PT. Tirta Investama as its holding company) and DANONE Group. The AQUA brand becomes more booming in Indonesia. The growth then doubled and became “Star” in Indonesia market. Today, AQUA has already reached 45% of market share and becomes market leader. (Sutadi, 2009)

It’s likely to happen because Aqua is a pioneer AMDK (Air Minum Dalam Kemasan) business and became the largest drinking water producers in Indonesia. Even its own market share is now includes Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Australia, Middle East and Africa. In Indonesia, they controlled 80 percent of the sale of drinking water in gallon containers. As for the overall market share of drinking water in Indonesia, Aqua controls 60% of the Indonesia market. (Benavent, 2012)

Besides in Indonesia, AQUA is also sold in Singapore. AQUA is a brand of drinking water with the largest sales in Indonesia and is one of the most famous brands of drinking water in Indonesia, which has become like a generic brand for drinking water. Throughout 30 years of experience, the company has expanded into 14 factories that produce AQUA in Indonesia which are located in Bekasi, Citerup, Mekarsari, Sukabumi, Subang, Pandaan, Wonosobo, Klaten, Mambal, Brastagi, Manado, Lampung and Kebon Candi. (Worldwide Company Profile, 2012)

Danone, a French multinational corporation, eager to lead global markets through three core businesses, namely: dairy products, drinking water and biscuits. For dairy products, Danone is now ranked number one in the world with 15% market domination. As for drinking water products, Danone also claimed to have occupied the first rank of the world through brands Evian, Volvic, and Badoit. To be able to defend itself as the world’s number one manufacturer of drinking water, Danone, of course, have to fight hard to hold strikes Coca-Cola and Nestle.

To add strength, Danone began to enter the Asian market, and took over two companies in China drinking water. Realizing the power of small Aqua unspoiled by Coca-cola or any other corporation, Danone Aqua hastily approaching. Finally, on September 4, 1998, Aqua officially announced the “unification” of both companies and coincided with the turn of the millennium, in 2000 launched a product labeled Danone Aqua. In 2001, Danone increased its stake in PT. Tirta Investama from 40% to 74%, so that Danone later became the majority shareholder of Aqua Group.

Under the flag of Danone-AQUA, the company provides far reaching services throughout Indonesia and is available in more than 1.000.000 outlets across Indonesia to ensure the availability of AQUA products to its loyal customers.

Aqua Beverage Company History systematically: (PT.AQUA GOLDEN MISISSIPI & DANONE AQUA)

PT Aqua Golden Mississippi was established as a pioneer in the bottled mineral water company in Indonesia. The first factory was established in Bekasi.

AQUA’s first productwas launched in the form of 950 ml glass bottles from its plant in Bekasi at a price of  Rp.75, – per bottle

AQUA decided to replace the original raw materials from wells drilled into the mountain springs that flow itself (self-flowing).

AQUA second factory was established in Pandaan in East Java, in an attempt to get closer to its consumers in that area.

AQUA developed in the form of 220 ml PET packaging for its bottled water, making AQUA products become more qualified and more safe for consumption.

Introduced AQUA Peduli (AQUA Cares) program as a step AQUA recycling plastic AQUA bottles into plastic material that can be reused.

AQUA mineral water plant will be the first to apply the in-line production system in factories Mekarsari. This process allowed the simultaneous production of AQUA water processing and packaging. This system results in the direct filling of newly produced bottles, so that the production process become more hygienic.

The merging of DANONE and AQUA groups on September 4, 1998. This step is an impact on improving product quality and placing AQUA as a producer of mineral water in containers (drinking water), the largest bottled mineral water producer in Indonesia.

Coinciding with the turn of the millennium, AQUA launched AQUA-Danone product label.

On March 21, DANONE increase the number of shares in PT Tirta Investama from 40% to 74%, so that DANONE became the majority shareholder of AQUA Group. AQUA launched a new design for the 380 ml glass bottle on 1 November 2001.

AQUA was awarded “The Indonesian Best Brand Award”. AQUA stared implementing “Kesepakatan Kerja Bersama” (KBB 2002-2004) program on June 1.

Expansion of production activities AQUA Group followed up through the inauguration of a new plant in Klaten in the early years. AQUA also started implementing the System Application and Products (SAP) for data processing and Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which allow for better integration of the company’s work process.

AQUA launch of new logo. AQUA also launched its new product, AQUA Splash of Fruit with the essences of strawberry and orange-mango flavor in it. The launching of AQUA Splash of Fruit helped strengthen AQUA’s position in the beverage category.

DANONE AQUA help tsunami victims in Aceh. On  September 27, AQUA produce MIZONE, a nutritional drink from DANONE, which comes orange, lime and passion fruit flavors.


Danone seeks to create a factory in Serang, but because Danone demonstration by local people, the Regent, parliament and NGOs, and even more so the case had reached the governor of Banten is not a secret is the daughter of ’ruler’ Banten then Danone with forced ‘lost’, or to cancel or withdraw from the manufacture factory in Serang. Danone could actually succeeded in making factory in Serang if Danone who will make a public facility that is clean water for citizens around, because it is actually required of local people it is just water rather than just a survey, or even green. This is precisely the situation that unfortunately exploited by a handful of people to look for ‘profit’ private.


Danone will begin creating a new factory in Cianjur, this is a diversion from Serang Mill which construction was temporarily suspended. Danone launched MIZONE think Apple-Guava.

2.2    Change Management in AQUA

2.2.1  Unfreeze Phase

In this phase, to motivate AQUA company to identify what and why they need to be change, AQUA have vision and mission which is a guide to change for the better performance.

  • Vision

AQUA has become the part of the health family in Indonesia over 30 years. AQUA as a pioneer in the bottled mineral water was established since 1973. Now, AQUA becomes an inseparable part of healthy living people of Indonesia. For long time ago until now, AQUA still and always become the largest and leading in Indonesia. Sales volume of AQUA is the largest in the world for mineral water category. To achieve the vision, there are three objectives of the vision:

  1. Provide the products that have high quality and contain balance nutrient for the society.
  2. Become the dynamic company that has ethical values, open to any ideas or suggestions from the employees and give the opportunities for its employees to develop their skill and knowledge. For example, the company gives and implements good reward system to motivate the employees.
  3. Become the center of reference for preservation of water source, environment and community development.
  • Mission

The mission helps people around the world grow, live better and get more out of life through tastier, more varied and healthier food products – every day. AQUA cares about our health for the present and future that is why we have a wide range customer programs that are committed to our health, such as: AQUA untuk Keluarga Sehat Indonesia (AKSI), AQUA Quality Commitment (AQC) and AQUA untuk Anak Indonesia (AuAI). There is some mission of Danone AQUA Group that should be performed in order to reach their vision:

–   Brand: Strengthen the brand image by increasing the products quality.

– Product: Keep performing Research and Development Activities to develop more innovative products.

–  Production: Increase the capacity of the AQUA factories to fulfill the demand.

–  Marketing: Develop proper pricing strategy which is suitable with the market condition.

–  Distribution: Expand the distribution areas of all AQUA products.

2.2.2    Move Phase

AQUA develops new behaviors, values and attitudes in order to changing and developing from the old ways of doing things to the new. This phase, people are looking for new and better ways to do things as well as people also select an appropriate and promising approach. There are some processes that AQUA has already performed to change, so that they have reached their better performance in current state.

v Partnership

PT. AQUA Golden Mississippi changed into PT. Tirta Investama after merged with Danone Group from France in 1998. The merger has further improved AQUA’s performance in terms of product quality, market share and the industry’s advanced bottling technology requirements. It has had one million distribution points. (Ashkanasy, 2006)

This strategic alliance had a lot of benefit for AQUA; they could get rid of pressure of their supplier, they reinforce their reputation as producer of healthy and pure water, they had equipments and better training to water careers for a lot of Indonesian. (Sutadi, 2009)

v Price

For the price, actually AQUA is not too expensive, when it’s compared to the quality and benefits of the AQUA given. We get a high quality drinking water, which distinguishes AQUA with other drinking water. So, it is not expensive when compared to the quality and benefits provided by AQUA, and it is also not expensive when compared with the risk that we are taking if we drink a low quality drinking water. AQUA is available in various sizes and packaging but still with competitive price which means people from all segments can buy AQUA.

v Technology

AQUA is processed with modern technology and quality controlled in every sector. The production environment and equipment is always sanitized regularly. The system production of AQUA is high guaranteed and secured because the process of production without interruption, starting from the processing water to covering and sealing construct with minimal touch of human hands. In addition, there is a laboratory with latest equipment in each plant that controls the quality of product. With high-tech processing and laboratory with complete equipment, AQUA water is free from disease causing pathogens. AQUA takes a highly notice on the quality of our products, starting from selection of water sources, processing up to product handling. AQUA also have a high standards in product storage and handling that should be set to maintain the quality of AQUA before it is delivered to us. This quality control process has distinguished AQUA from other drinking water. So, the quality of AQUA mineral water is assured, because AQUA have the quality standards that already met the national standard (SNI) and international standards (WHO) so there’s no doubt about its quality.

v Packaging and Product Innovation

AQUA mineral water comes from protected water. Danone-AQUA provides a multiple products and packaging adapted to different uses and targets. AQUA has 6 kinds of packaging; they are distinguished by the type and form of packaging and the volume contents, namely:

–   Glass packaging (cup): 240ml as a single use.

–   Plastic bottle packaging: 330ml, 600ml and 1500ml, which used recycled PET in order to reduce carbon and provide “Green Image” to their products.

–   Glass bottle packaging: 380ml, which are more and more replaced by plastic bottles, still to protect the environment.

–   Gallon packaging: 19ltr, which targeted group consumption as office or big family.

–   Mizone

In addition, all those products are sealed with safety hologram which is a specific innovation done by the companies, in order to reinforce the image of safe and sure water. (Admin) Every drop of AQUA’s is the best inscription from nature that contains the goodness of nature. Therefore, AQUA committed to preserve the best gifts of nature by presenting their unique and innovative seal that exclusively completed with transparent and hologram seal. The process of making this new AQUA gallon seal is using the latest technology that guarantees every drops goodness of nature in AQUA is well preserve. This is the first innovation and the one and only in the world for beverage category. This is the concrete proof from AQUA about their commitment to preserve the goodness of nature on every drop its water, from the spring water until deliver right into our hands, for us and our family to keep healthy every day.

AQUA comes from 100% mountain spring water that flow without pumping (self-flow), which makes it very clear and contains a balanced set of mineral composition. The process of selecting each mountain springs is conducted very carefully through a series of geological, physical, chemical and microbiological test. AQUA comes from pure mountain spring water and in the process there is no type of mixture on it, so that no preservatives.

v CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility)

Related the issues of climate change, Danone-AQUA is running the initiative program of green plant (environmental friendly factory). They make a lot of effort to reduce the CO2 emissions, energy saving, utilization of water wisely and the application of GREEN concept to anticipate the impact of environmental changes. (Rudito, 2012)

Through community approach, synergize with all stakeholders and needs oriented; Danone AQUA is aimed 4 main activities, which are: access to clean water and make a healthy environmental, conservation and education range, organic agriculture which is also directly with integrated water resource management as well as monitoring and reduction CO2 emissions. With this integrated activities that they assign a responsible business practices as well as sustainable that continue to give benefit for environmental and also for present and future generation. (Ambas, 2012)

– Based on report of, Danone AQUA doing CSR activities, such as Integrated Water Resource Management. (B, 2011) According to the leader of Danone AQUA, Parmaningsih Hadinegoro, as the AMDK company is utilizing groundwater, Danone AQUA couldn’t cultivate water without managing the nature. Therefore, all CSR activities leads to effort of integrated water resource management in a sustainable way is done a program called “AQUA Sustainable”.

– The company also commitment to continue its develop activities related with public health and environmental protection, which is conducting WASH (Water, Access, Sanitation and Hygiene) program. WASH activities include providing the facilities and infrastructures of clean water and sustainable sanitation and also build hygiene and health live to improve the public health. Until now, the program has already reached more than 65.000 populations in Indonesia that has spread in ten districts. It is intended to provide solution in clean water supply in Indonesia. The program of WASH is “One for Ten” program. This program is also support Millennium Development program which is issued by PBB to fight poverty and hunger in many parts of the world in 2015. (Wahyuni, 2011)

– The event of planting 50.000 trees in Halimun Salak mountain national park as a commitment Danone AQUA in protection of water resource and conservation of the sustainable environment program. The planting 50.000 trees is a part of 100.000 trees program that have been proclaimed together through partnership on long term strategies in 2010. The program of Halimun Salak mountain is developed to provide benefit for local community and encourage them to actively participate. This program include variety activities are establish partnership with university or LSM to give training how to make compost, livestock extension and seed breeding to help them in the marketing of organic agriculture. (news, 2011)

2.2.3    Refreeze phase

In this phase, it is the right time to lock in because the new approach is implemented and it becomes established as well as when the people, structure and strategy elements all seem okay, when things are looking well. This phase requires a process be in a place that supports and maintains the changes. This may include things such as: as new employee performance appraisal systems and establish performance and reward system for monitoring the influencing the change consistency.

Now, Danone AQUA is the clear leader of bottled water by capturing 45% market share. Through years of expertise AQUA has become synonymous with mineral water in Indonesia. AQUA’s latest marketing “It’s in me” promotes a message that a healthy lifestyle begins from oneself. Highlighting a healthy lifestyle boosts the image of the brand as part of this.

Aqua is the product which is “Top of Mind” in everyone among the others brand in Indonesia and also the market leader among the bottled mineral water products. AQUA is a pioneer in Indonesia’s packaged water market. It makes people known this brand well. Take a look around us, how many people we meet Aqua name when they want to buy drinking water at a shop or store? And note also, there are buyers who rarely protest when they were given the VIT, RON 88 or ADES by the seller even before they ask for “Buy Aqua one ..” No wonder in Indonesia the word of “Aqua” is often used to refer bottled mineral water of any brands.

AQUA produces the high quality drinking water products that contain some nutrition and vitamins which are needed by human body. The products are sold in affordable prices; hence all people from every level in society can consume the products. WHAT could be a more appropriate name than “AQUA” for the world’s biggest water brands by volume? This is the brand produced by Danone AQUA in Indonesia, a company owned by the Danone Group, whose output last year reached almost liters – in Indonesia alone. And consumption figures keep on rising. This is not all that amazing either, given that Indonesia has a population of 250 million and its economy is booming, with a concomitantly steady increase in purchasing power, which in its turn also boosts demand for more expensive and higher quality, specialty beverages like isotonic drinks.

Besides that, there is some reward like certifications and award that had successfully achieved by AQUA to recognize and celebrate their success as a standard part of the change process.

Certifications and Awards

1. In 1994 and 1995, two AQUA factories in Bekasi and Citerup obtain ISO 9002 from PSB (Productivity Standards Boards), Singapore. Hence, AQUA become the first bottled water product that obtain ISO 9002 Certification. Nowadays, all AQUA factories had obtain ISO 9002 Certification (Quality Management System).

2. All the factories of AQUA have the ability to meet a variety of international requirement based on product characteristic. Other certifications have been obtained which is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or practices in production both from the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). This is a factory certified from Bekasi, Citeureup, Mekarsari and Pandaan. Both certifications are given to drinking water company in Indonesia.

3. In early 1999, successfully obtained a certificate AQUA SMK3 (Certificate of Quality Health and safety) and on October 1999, 5 AQUA factory in Bekasi, Bogor, Sukabumi, Pandaan and Bali HACPP certified (Hazard Critical Control Abalysis Point) from SGS, Holland. HACCP is a method to control production process that could lead to decreased quality of production.

4. In 1986, AQUA won “Asia Star Award” for the innovative findings of ceramic dispenser which had unique design that were adopted from the concept of Kendo (the traditional water jug) at Tokyo, Japan. And the company won the 1991 “Management Award 1991” for category general management in a program organized by the World Executive’s Digest with the Asian Institute of Management and Japan Airlines.

5. Other awards received in the form of “Adi Nusa Cup Kualita” for quality The best corporate management of the Chamber of Commerce Jaya, and awards as Best Participant in the Assessment of Implementation of Good practices in production, for groups of bottled drinking water industry, in commemoration of World Food Day in 1997. In the final quarter of 1999, independent survey results of the Readers Digest magazine in Singapore AQUA product placed as “Super brands 1999” the best known and reliable quality.

6. IBWA (International Bottled Water Association):  In the United AQUA get “AQUA Awards” in 1985 – 1989 by in succession to the field of advertising, promotion and public relations category in selling the product abroad. PT. Aqua Golden Mississippi also is an office secretariat Association (IBWA), for Asia, Middle East and North Africa since September 1992, in addition to the Board and Council in the United States and in Europe.

7. AQUA get obtain ISO 14001 Certificate (Environmental System Management). The ISO 14001 is a component of a management system that involves organizational structure, activity planning, responsibility, standardized practices and resources for the development, application and achievement of systems for the management and maintenance of environmental protection policy.

8. In 2003, AQUA gets Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award, Indonesia Best Brand Award and Value Creator award 2003. In 2004, AQUA had obtained Superbrand 2004 and Indonesia Best Brand Award. In 2005, AQUA also gets awarded Packaging Consumer Branding Award 2005 Gold, Indonesia Best Brand Award and Indonesia Golden Brand Award. In 2006, AQUA also had obtained Indonesia Best Brand Award and Indonesia Golden Brand Award. In 2007, AQUA also gets awarded Indonesia Platinum Brand Award.

9. In 2011, Danone AQUA winning the national packaging contest and they are get ”PackindoStar 2011 Awards” and they get certificate of recognition. (Packindo, 2011)

Part III

Conclusion and recommendation

3.1      Conclusion

Tirto Utomo founded Indonesia’s first commercial-scale water bottling operation for AQUA brand, and for the first time gave all of Indonesia access to clean drinking water, anytime, anywhere. So, the brand was the market leader right from the start, and has retained this position to this very day. This company was established on February 23, 1973, manufactures and distributes bottled drinking water throughout South East Asia. PT. Tirta Investama Tbk – Danone AQUA is one the Indonesian biggest bottled water manufacturer company. The company with AQUA brand is part of Danone Group, one of the world’s largest fastest moving consumer goods company. The company operated its first water manufacturing plant located in Pondok Ungu, Bekasi with production capacity of six million liters per year. Currently, the company operated 14 water plants which produced AQUA in all over Indonesia. In 2005, AQUA produced nutrition water with Mizone brands.

For the positioning, AQUA focus on “100% mountain spring water” instead of only boiled and filtered water, each and every times they refer to healthy and safe water, “pure and sure”: the water which keeps all the nature benefits. That’s why AQUA has a strong brand power in the market, because the most qualified mineral water in Indonesia in the cleanness, composition and safety side. It makes people know this brand well. Long experience that AQUA has can also trigger customers’ trust; especially AQUA’s quality has been trusted by the Indonesians customers. AQUA also has used the most modern technology in producing packaging water. AQUA is the only brand which uses integrated system. Not only that, AQUA gives a lot of care for environment, this social responsibility can give good image for AQUA. Nowadays AQUA has become the most well known and trusted bottled water producer in Indonesia. Good work of AQUA showed by many national appreciations that it has received. AQUA received “Indonesia Best Brand Award” four times in a row, year 2003-2006. And the latest is “Indonesia Platinum Brand Award” in 2007. Nevertheless, all of those achievements never make AQUA lose its attention in maintaining its quality.

3.2      Recommendation

Danone AQUA has won the trust of the Indonesian people. Today Aqua holds a 60% share of the bottled water market and is still growing—sustainably. Of course, AQUA must to consistently keep high quality brand in the markets through make innovative marketing advertisements. It boasts of finding the best natural mineral water source across the country and pays substantial value in social responsibility towards the environment where the company draws its water source from.

AQUA is the good product, AQUA put into its package of the plastic bottle using PET (Poly Ethylene Teraphthalate), glass bottle using Poly Propylene and gallon using Poly Carbonate as well as AQUA still to stand their quality with not mix a preservative in water. Not only in Indonesia, Danone AQUA must growth to the others countries and becoming lead multinational company with lead brands in the world.


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